Lead generation forms: Five uncommon strategies to increase conversion rates

Forms, are one the most boring things that people are required to fill. Many people try to avoid ways to actually fill out a form. The main reason is that people believe that they are wasting some of their precious minutes and would prefer that they use it to surf more or do some other thing but fill forms. There are many software and other programs that actually make forms interesting. Below are five ways that can make it easier for you to actually have your forms fulfilled. The strategies that you can adopt are:

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  • Decrease the number of clicks that actually take the user to the end of the form:

This is necessary because of the consumers feel that they have to keep clicking and clicking to reach the end of the form, they try to avoid filling such forms. They feel it is a wasteful act that is of no use to them. The forms should be made interesting enough for them to feel engaged enough to fill them out. It should be in easy step forms that require as few clicks as possible.  When the number of clicks of your forms are less, consumers feel that they did not have to utilize a lot of their cognitive skills and hence they feel it is as an easy task. Using clickable images, can impose upon the users that the form filling is an easy task.

  • Motivation and the charm of a fruitful outcome:

People do not like to do anything for free and the same exists for forms. Whenever a reward is attached with the end result, people are willing to fill the form. Make sure that you have such similar offer for the form filling customers.

  • Appease the visitor with the first look.

There is a saying that first impression is the last impression. This is indeed true when you want forms filled. People prefer filling forms that attract them or have a pleasing look.

  • Increasing the visual appeal:

The forms should have a visual appeal as this will help in make it more engaging for the consumers and they will enjoy the entire process of filling the form. Picturesque icons make it interesting.

  • Play with their biases:

This is not a manipulative technique, all you need to do is make their progress on the form visual to them and group the questions in three steps, when each group of questions are answered, the progress can be shown, this would make the consumer feel happy.